Waste Free, LLC
Enabling the auto industry to become landfill-free
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Process - The Dirty Side

View our professional DVD that describes Waste Free, LLC's process in detail.

Below is a glimpse of our process from beginning to end. See the whole process by contacting us for a veiwing of our DVD.
Process from Beginning to End
Click the image below to view our professional DVD that shows and explains Waste Free, LLC’s process, in which you will see:
Rain water recovery and internal use
Raw materials coming in
Collection and containment of free oils
Complete process of WF-39 (ferrous)
Complete process of WF-12 (non-ferrous)
Complete process of PowerBags (2-part cartridge filter)
Storage of raw materials and finished products
Shipment of finished product
To view the complete Waste Free, LLC process, please contact us.