Products – The Dirty Side


The filter media used to filter the aluminum systems is received and any free liquids are removed. The filter media is then sent through a brush machine to brush off both sides of the media to remove as many of the loose chips as possible. The aluminum chips are stored and sent to a scrap metal dealer. The “clean” rolls (There will always be unremovable embedded aluminum between the layers of filter media) are then shredded and mixed with other clean scraps of filter media and placed on a conveyor that leads to the processor. The final “popcorn” product (the end product from Waste Free, LLC’s process: WF 12) is sent to a cement kiln to be used as a raw material in the cement-making process.


Waste Free, LLC receives filter media from steel machining, steel grinding, steel honing, and central wash systems. First, any free liquids are removed before beginning the process to create the finished product, WF 39. The dirty rolls are cut down and mixed with clean filter media scrap, weighed, and placed on a conveyor that leads to the processing machine. In the processor, heat that exceeds the melting point of the polymers in the filter media encapsulates the metal fines and free liquids and forms a popcorn-like product, WF 39. This product is sent to a company that makes a product used in steel mills. Their proprietary product typically utilizes both coke and iron flake as raw materials. When using Waste Free, LLC’s WF-39, the plastic portion of the WF-39 replaces coke and the metal portion (cast iron) of the WF-39 replaces the iron flake to help create a steel-making product used in the manufacture of automotive components.